Our Ethos

Our Ethos


To educate a community of global citizens by providing them with opportunities to be all they can be, and inspiring them to make a positive difference in a changing world.


To cultivate the intellect, passion and imagination of our learners so that they are empowered to engage productively and creatively as global citizens who value and respect diversity.


 To achieve our vision we have the following aims, which guide every aspect of school life:

  • Creating a community that is internationally minded and makes a difference in a changing world

  • Fostering and maintaining an environment that nurtures community and well-being

  • Delivering an inquiry-based, 21st century-skills curriculum facilitated by professional staff that inspire learning

  • Motivating students to achieve outstanding personal growth and learning

  • Establishing and running a reliable operation, executed by highly experienced staff, supported by smart systems, policies and processes that allow for students to fulfill their potential

KSI Code

Our ethos is expressed as the KSI Code, which aims to develop values within our internationally minded students, united by our vision.

All members of our KSI community are encouraged to live through the KSI code and are inspired to Keep Smiling and Keep Striving. 

The school’s motto “Be all you can be”, remains central to each and every KSI school across the globe.


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