Learning & Psychology Centres

The KSI Learning & Psychology Centre is a new product in the KSI portfolio. KSI has partnered with the prominent psychologist Annie de Acevedo to develop this unique programme and create a team of specialists who work together to help students overcome learning and/or emotional difficulty. The Learning Centres offer a service to students that are part of or external to the KSI community. 

The first Learning Centre opened in Bogota in July 2013. KSI is looking to open further KSI Learning and Psychology Centres in Latin America, followed by other global locations.

Overview of KSI Learning & Psychology Centre, Bogota

The Bogota centre is led by Annie de Acevedo and Claudia Nigrinis.

Therapies offered within the centre’s programme are managed by clinical and educational psychologists who support - testing and assessments, occupational, language and speech therapy and English as a second language support. In addition conferences and school workshop services are offered.

The Learning and Psychology Centre provides learning and psychological support to parents looking for additional help for their children and an outsourced resource for schools to provide their students with the learning support they require.

The team of highly training specialists include:

  • Clinical and Educational Psychologists
  • Testers
  • Learning Specialists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Language  and Speech Therapists 
  • English as a Second Language  Specialists