KSI KidS Kindergarten

KSI KidS is a distinct kindergarten service which aims to promote social growth and learning through activities specifically designed to foster the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development of children.

KSI KidS promotes a happy, nurturing and safe environment where children can have fun, and learn through play, the arts, music and movement. The team of specialised educators teach these skills through 5 core programme pillars:

  1. Language and Thinking Skills
  2. Music Therapy
  3. Art Therapy
  4. Movement Pillar
  5. Play Time Pillar

It is through these pillars KSI develops its programme which, nurtures each child to achieve their full potential.        

KSI KidS’ first site opened in Bogota in August 2013 and is led by Claudia Nigrinis.

Starting January 2017, KidS will be opening a second location in Guaymaral. The site will be located inside the beautiful campus of Knightsbridge Schools International Bogotá (KSI Bogotá), at Calle 221, No. 115-51.