Knightsbridge Schools International has developed a set of Guiding Values that permeate all its written policies, operational procedures and decision making processes as an organisation. KSI expects its people at all levels of the organisation to demonstrate understanding and commitment to these KSI Values in all aspects of their daily working environments:

Collaborative Leadership

We take responsibility for ourselves and others, sharing information and resources to achieve stretching goals. We are active communicators, involving our team members in decision making. In this supportive environment, we are empowered to take risks and make decisions. 


We care about what we do, and we demonstrate our dedication to others. We are engaged in our work and we seek to inspire and encourage others in a positive and constructive way.


Our principles and standards are high, and they are important to us. We expect kindness and good manners as universal, recognising the value and diversity of others and through this seeking to improve and grow ourselves.

Enduring Partnerships

When we give an undertaking, we are committed for the long term. Our approach, attitude, systems and processes all support this. In the spirit of serving others, we have the will to succeed and will persist whilst being flexible.


Our approach is entrepreneurial. We take initiative, seizing opportunities, solving problems and embracing new ideas.

Reflective Learning

We strive to develop ourselves by learning from our experience. We seek out and are open to feedback, applying our learning to improve ourselves and reach our goals.