Knightsbridge Schools International will achieve its mission by embracing the following educational aims:

Curriculum for Achievement

We aim to develop the knowledge, values and skills of our learners through active inquiry, participation and reflection so that they may become collaborative and compassionate leaders who are committed to making a positive difference.

We aim to provide a holistic, balanced and varied curriculum that addresses the needs of all learners, supports the development of languages and learning strategies, and prepares them for success at each stage of their lives.

Autonomous and Interdependent Learners

We aim to develop self-motivated, independent learners with enquiring minds who understand the value of collaboration and aim for the highest standards in all that they do.

Learning Environment

We aim to create a stimulating environment in which our learners can fulfil their potential in all areas and understand the valuable contributions they make to support individual and collective achievements. We aim to use teaching methods and resources that will keep learners enthused and engaged, and promote the confident demonstration of their learning in transferable and creative ways.

Close Partnerships

We aim to sustain and nurture the close partnerships between home, school and the local community.

Respect for All

We aim to establish a courteous, caring and safe community in which the qualities of self-respect, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility are fostered, along with concern for others so that our learners are supported and support each other.